Market Sectors

ELARD Group’s regional presence and diverse project portfolio spans MENA Region, GCC, Africa, Europe & Asia.

Our core belief stems from the fact that we understand that the consulting solutions come from responding to what's important to our clients and the wider community. With that in mind, ELARD Group’s skills and expertise in our regional organizations were structured around a number of key market sectors to which we have acquired regional and local business acumen.

This experience and knowledge, combined with a sense of belonging from the cultural factors, means we are able to deliver commercial, environmentally sound and sustainable benefits for our clients in multiple locations.

Click on each Market Sector to learn how our solutions make of us your partner in a changing world.

Government & Public Sector

Governments and the public sector in general expected to meet the needs of the people they govern. In order to keep the communities running in harmony, a balance of needs while considering economic and environmental implications must be created.

The proper management of the world’s natural resources is a central factor to sustainable economic growth.

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Oil & Gas Sector

Our extensive regional experience and commitment to excellence has earned us our oil and gas customers’ confidence and trust that we will manage their assets safely and deliver their projects in a timely manner while sticking to our budget commitments.

ELARD’s long-term customer relationships have equipped us with a portfolio of leading national and international oil and gas operators, and valuable combination of experience and global perspective.

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Industries & Commercial Sector

ELARD has an exemplary track record in providing a variety of environmental and sustainability consultancy services to its clients in the industrial, manufacturing, and commercial sector. Our knowledge and understanding of our clients’ markets enables us to provide comprehensive and integrated support of their projects.

ELARD’s risk-based approach to environmental assessment and management enables the provision of cost-effective solutions directed to the satisfaction of the clients’ site specific needs while meeting the authorities’ requirements.

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Real Estate Developers

Those involved in land development need to have an exact understanding of the environmental attributes of a site, such as the natural features and habitat and possible contamination from previous site uses, in addition to an understanding of the impacts of their developments on the surrounding environment and its health impacts on occupants.

ELARD provides a full assessment of sites from an environmental standpoint, leading to a better understanding of any regulatory and financial costs and obligations that may be connected with developing the site.

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International Financing & Development Agencies

Our team of experts supports international financing institutions, including World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank, and Aid Agencies, such as U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Pontifical mission in providing environmental consultancy services for projects being implemented in emerging and developing countries.

ELARD works towards improving the delivery of aid programs through high-quality consulting services in institutional strengthening, capacity building, design, and construction supervision for water, wastewater, waste, and energy projects.

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Energy & Water

ELARD has extensive experience in servicing the energy and water resources sectors. We offer comprehensive services underpinned by strong technical and policy expertise to help clients achieve their energy and water resource management goals in an integrated and sustainable manner.
Our diverse team of engineers, Environmental Scientist, geologists, hydrologists and chemists, and other specialized experts offers unparalleled expertise in servicing the water and energy market worldwide for the Public- and private-sectors.

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Quality by Design

ELARD is specialized in raising quality by design for agro-food and pharmaceutical industry. It helps companies and industries engaged in catering, processing and distribution of food, medical and pharmaceutical products to comply by their engineering design, to Good Manufacturing Practices and all relevant prerequisite programs.

We aim to provide a service designed to ensure the safety and quality of your production and to meet customer satisfaction.

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