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For Water flow, velocity and discharge measurement, ELARD product line provides a solution for each application of flow measurement whether it is was for open Channels, Rivers, or Boat operated flow measurements.
Applications include:
- Water and waste Water.
- River and Channels.
- Open Channel.
- Groundwater pumping monitoring.
- Floods.
Our partners:
Teledyne ISCO:
No single measurement technology is suitable for all open channel flow monitoring applications. Only Isco offers you a choice of ultrasonic, submerged probe, bubbler, and area velocity flow meters. Whether you need a permanent meter for a flume or weir, short term measurement with no primary device, or flow and pump performance monitoring at a lift station, Isco has the solution. And our application experts are available for a free, no obligation consultation to help you choose the best technology for your monitoring sites. More Information at:
Sommer Messertechnik:
Complete radar Solutions for for non-contact discharge and velocity measurement for natural or sub natural bodies of flowing water like streams, rivers, torrents, mountain torrents or open channels. Based on the non-contact measurement principle of radar technology, the RQ-30 and RG-30 systems provide accurate and efficient data during floodwater and failsafe with low maintenance.
More Information at: